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“A legacy that will continue into the future”

With today’s consumer and future generations in mind, Omneo products capture the true essence of our loved ones allowing us to remember them, their legacy and all they were in life for years to come.

All Omneo products are embedded with technology to connect any NFC enabled smartphone with that person’s digital memories in omlime.com, giving you instant access to your loved one’s life and memories with a tap of your phone.

Omneo Tap

Designed for the whole market irrelevant of final disposition (burial, inurnment, crypt, niche or scattering at sea), the Omneo Tap allows you to have instant access to your loved one’s life and memories in the places that matter the most to you.

• Self-adhesive weather resistant device containing NFC technology which can be adhered onto any flat surface.

• Designed to be adhered to a gravestone (granite, marble, etc.), grave marker (bronze, granite, marble, etc.), or columbarium niche cover (granite, marble, glass, etc.)

• Does not require batteries or maintenance of any kind

• Size: 1.5” circumference

• Material Options: Black Corian (faux-granite), Clear Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic

Omneo Tap Demonstration